The word “spectrum” is used to denote a state in which a range of cases are recognized between two poles. I think the spectra of the two sexes are the most complicated and explorable ones. They are the spectra in which the sexuality and spirit of men and women are located in suspense inside a masculine or a feminine body. I believe that neither of the two has a specific definition about their sexualities, neither physically nor psychologically. Right in the middle of this spectrum, exists a sexual group called the transsexuals. The bodies that don’t match their inward being (mentally, psychologically, or spiritually). Due to fact that their identities are being ignored by societies, their sexual lives become their biggest fears. At least in my country (Iran), there is no capacity in accepting them, which is mainly rooted in traditional,cultural and religious beliefs. My research about beauties, contradictions, and the violence that stems from them, the hidden aspects of these seemingly unending pains, are the things I am concerned with. I am trying to reflect on these traits to explore the undeniable existence of the spectrum.