My works revolve around the two main human senses: sex and desire. I rarely express love- an everlasting and platonic love- because, in my opinion, sexuality and sexual action have replaced love in the contemporary world. I’m always looking for a rogue and clamorous sense of sex- a need which is with human everywhere- as well as the moment of orgasm, which is like an eruption or somehow overflowing milk. Violence, oppression, and even fetishism is just like an iceberg of which only the peak is visible (referring to Freud’s definition of the unconscious) that can be found in most of my works. For example, fantasies come from my unconscious mind are sometimes a dialogue and sometimes a monologue of a short film. In the words of Sigmund Freud, libido is a complex element in which many factors interfere in the formation, for example, touch and look are two main factors in sexual action that are very important, in a way that is a great pleasure and necessary for sex. In general, why I use special medium of different sizes is to stimulate the audience’s sense of touch, which is something other than visual sense.