Mahsa Merci, born in Tehran, Iran, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Tehran University of Art and a Master of Painting from Azad University in Iran. Currently, she is studying Master of Fine Arts in the University of Manitoba, Canada. Her practice encompasses professional artistic activities that combine various art forms in new and unusual ways. In this way, Mahsa is an experimental artist who is seeking new forms of expression. In fact, Mahsa combines a multitude of elements in order to encourage dialogue between the viewers and the work, frequently challenging the viewers to explore ideas of identity and gender differentiation and generally, the mining of beauty. In the topics and themes, she examines through painting, collages, sculpture, and installation, and sometimes all of the above, she aims at creating a space where the viewer is confronted with thought-provoking visuals and meanings. Her choices of juxtaposing materials that she considers with each project are crucial in determining the message that Mahsa intends to deliver. Her works often measure the definitions of aesthetics in social relations and society.




From 2019 to present, Master of Fine Art, University of Manitoba, Canada
2014 - 2017, Master of Painting, Azad University, Tehran, Iran
2009 - 2012, BA, Graphic Design, Art university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Solo exhibition:

2019, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected exhibitions group:

2020, Limbo, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2020, GIFC, Online Exhibition, Oslo, Norway
2020, Anything-whatever, Platform Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada
2020, Portrait:Identity and expression, Site Brooklyn Gallery, New York, USA
2020, Floorr, Online Exhibition, London, England
2019, Video Art Screening, Motion Sickness Gallery, Cambidge, England
2019, All-Iranian Women, Tache Art Gallery of University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
2018, Mainesthai, Kimera Collective Group, Nicosia, Cyrpus
2017, Opening Exhibition, Drawing Museum ,Tehran ,Iran
2017, Episode 02 ,Mohsen Gallery ,Tehran ,Iran
2017, Pure drawing, Spazio Nour Gallery, Milan, Italy
2017, Food, Contempory art museum of Isfahan, Isfahan,Iran
2016, Identity, Jorjani Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2016,Tehran Experimental Art Week, Farhangsara Niyavaran, Tehran, Iran
2016, Art in secret ,Showcase Gallery, Dubai, the U.A.E
2015, Peace, Lajevardi Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014, Art and Craft Gallery ,New York, USA
2014 , Y Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013, Art walk , Saadabad Museum, Tehran, Iran
2013, The Other ,Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013, Color and Sketch, Hoor Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011, Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Festivals, Biennale and competition:

2016, Cheap Festival, Bologna,Italy
2016, Fouad photography festival, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014, New generation, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014, Action,expression,creativity, Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013, Picture of Year, Iranian Artists Forum Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012, 4th Damoonfar Painting Biennial, Mellat Cinema Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009, 100 artworks 100 Artists, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Art Fair:

2020, May Fair Art Weekend Show reel, London, UK
2018, Miami art fair, Florida, USA
2018, India art fair, Delhi, India

Selected Interview and Bibliography:

2020, Art Viewer, Limbo Act II at Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2020, Creative Boom, Artists in 'limbo' share their feelings of frustration and hope in new works, Katy Cowan, London, UK
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2017, Two works are published in Hyrsteria zine, Baltimore, MD, USA
2015, Two works are published in Culture of peace book, Tehran, Iran
2014, Two photos are published in Tehran Art book, Tehran, Iran

Permanent Collection:

Jonathan Travis, New York, USA
Human Collection, Toronto, Canada
Bech Risvig Collection, Silkeborg, Denmark
Mohsen Rasoulof, Tehran, Iran
Lajevardi Foundation Collection, Tehran, Iran


Manitoba scholarship, University of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada
MGS award, Manitoba, Canada

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RICE Initiative

Create Magazine

Under the bridge

ABC news


Art habens

Hymen Magazine

Art habens

Hyrsteria Zine

Permanent Collector

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