Repetition of certain action

The finger series starts after reading Judith Butler's book Gender Trouble. Judith Butler, an American philosopher, critic, and feminist, addresses critical issues about gender, identity, LGBTQ groups, the body, and the performance of gender in society and politics. After reading this book, I tried to express the idea that I had before, and I could represent a metaphor of both sexes in one part of the body and found the finger to be the best option. Because the finger itself represents the penis and the long red nail indicates femininity, I believe this combination expresses the idea that the finger became a symbol of both sexes in a single form. These fingers have another sign besides being symbolic to me. When we want to point out something important to someone in body language, we use our index finger. These repetitive index fingers are pointing anxiously and bleeding with long sensual red nails. These fingers exhibit the impression that society forced to disrupting the binary view of sex, gender, and sexuality; Arranged in rows endeavoring to induce the audience the confusion of emotions pointing to this complex structure that frequently happens from a quarter of a century ago till now. Mahsa attempted to demonstrate the cultural, social, and political effects of this matter by Repetition of the Certain Action.


Repetition of the Certain Action, 500 fingers, Plaster, resin, acrylic color, artificial nail, nail dye, fur on wood, life size finger, Etemad Gallery installation view, 2019

Everything Is in the Right Place, Plaster, resin, acrylic color, artificial nail, nail dye, fur and mirror, 25 x 10 x 10 cm, 2019

Let Me Grow I, digital photography, 2018

Let Me Grow II, digital photography, 2018

Let Me Grow III, digital photography, 2018

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