Limbo’s short digital animation created out of artist Mahsa Merci’s mind, rooted in her challenges as an LGBTQ artist living in Iran. The society she comes from, just like most parts of the world, tends to recognize only two genders, male and female. But Iran is a country that completely ignores the LGBTQ community, and they also face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBTQ residents. In Iran, people can legally change their sex, although sexual activity between members of the same sex is illegal and can be punishable by death. The government force transgender people to choose out of Female and Male and their identity recognized through sex-reassignment surgery. Mahsa evokes her feelings and state of mind through this animation.
Limbo is originally a divine term (Catholic) that was the holding place neither heaven nor hell but somewhere in between, an imaginary place for lost, forgotten, or unwanted persons or things. In other definition, an unknown intermediate place between two extremes.
Limbo to Mahsa is being in an ignored place, in a situation where it seems to be caught between two stages, and it is unclear what will happen next. A barren, dry land covered by whiskers and a single robust old tree on the hill. The tree shows the concept of human identity and the binary system of gender, which stretches back thousands of years into unrecorded history. A giant, salubrious, fertile tree with unexpected proliferous fruits; Transgender horrified anxious and agitated heads hang by thin strings among leaves and branches. Their faces are frustrated, moving pointlessly through winds. In this plain neutral land, there is no hope, there is no sign, there is no help, and the heads are merely numb and speechless.
Mahsa brings a very primary impression as being seen and seeing other people’s true nature. She believes in order to move forward; you must first understand what exactly you fear by uncovering your hidden fears. After she moved to Canada to expand her practice and to live her undissembled true life, Mahsa announced her gender-preference as bisexual and endeavors to be the voice of her homeland›s LGBTQ society.

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